Update from the Owners

Jan 10, 2018

Dear clients, friends and family,

Every year the owners of Pure Lifestyle reflect back on not only the past year but also the growth and progress we’ve made since starting this venture. We need to say thank you to the loyal clients who have stuck with us from the beginning, as well as new clients starting their journey with us and trusting in our team. It is you that makes our jobs so enjoyable. It is you that makes the time devoted to growing this business a worthy cause. We thank you with every ounce of passion, motivation and sweat, as we could not have done it without you.

Knowing that we are very biased, we would also like to mention that we believe we have the best group of co-workers / friends any employer could ask for. The owners may be responsible for employment, but we are definitely not the “boss”. The staff here work hard to hold each other accountable, to push one another, and to continually strive to create an experience where each client feels supported and welcomed. We are blessed with an amazing team and we could not be more proud of every individual who works at Pure.

In the summer of 2016, Pure Lifestyle relocated its neighbour and finished its first expansion by adding 1500 sqft to its strength training area.

Over the past 3 months, we have relocated our other neighbour and are beginning an expansion that will see a 2000 sqft medical clinic.  This new space will allow for other allied health services as well as increasing the size of the current physiotherapy space which will allow us to expand our multi-disciplinary team approach.

Pure Lifestyle’s vision is to create a facility where allied health services can work together to create the best results for our patient: from Sports Medicine to Physiotherapy, Dietitians to Psychologists, Kinesiologists to Sports Science. We are working hard to create a proactive multidisciplinary facility where exceptional treatment and preventative medicine is our top priority.

You can keep current via social media as well as our website as we roll out more details regarding the medical clinic.

Here is to an exciting start to the New Year!! May 2018 bring you happiness,  positive energy and the strength to accomplish your dreams!

Yours truly,

The Pure Lifestyle Team

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