The Marathon is coming!!

Jun 12, 2013

Watch out for some potential injuries and try to listen to your body this weekend if it “talks” to you with pain/stiffness/cramps!  🙂

Following a recent article in the Sports Medicine Journal, they showed that these are the top three most common running-related musculoskeletal injuries:

–       Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (aka: a form of Shin Splints) @ Incidence of 13-20%  with a Prevalence of 9.5%

–       Achille’s Tendinopathy @ Incidence of 9-10.9% with a Prevalence of 6.2-9.5%

–       Plantar Fasciitis @ Incidence of 4.5-10% with a Prevalence of 5.2-17.5%

You might also want to consider your use of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen during your race! Recent studies are showing that ibuprofen aggravates exercise-induced small intestinal injury and induces gut barrier dysfunction in healthy individuals. And so use of ibuprofen (Advil) during endurance training cancels running-distance-dependent adaptations in skeletal muscle. This means that you won’t get further benefits on skeletal muscle with more training!

As for Acetaminophen (Tylenol), its use results in substantial changes in tendon adaptations to training creating higher strain and lower stiffness of tendons.


If you currently have an injury to your lower body and are planning on still running, consider using some compression socks and or compression garments for your thighs during or after your race! This will aide in the recovery process if you wear it for a few hours after your hard run!  Where to get some??   Visit the staff at City Park Runners for any questions and great choices on popular brands!

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