Return to Play with Physical Literacy

Apr 18, 2013

Physical Literacy is a relatively new term. It has been coined by Dr. Margaret Whitehead – it means to have the ability to select and demonstrate proficient execution of a repertoire of movement skills in multiple environments.

It has been the talk of the town in the physical educator’s and sport service provider’s realm for the past few years. However, it has been relatively untouched by the medical community – as of yet. A beneficial way for a health care provider to use the concept of Physical Literacy is through the use of Return to Play criteria.

By using the Physical Literacy model one may re-look at the current Return to Play protocols to evaluate possible limitations. Some limitations could include but are not limited to: assessing strength requirements for the position of the sport, if developmentally appropriate and performance specific; evaluation of confidence in motion of athletes; performance-related fitness; and single-leg functional movement evaluation.

Understanding these limitations and applying the concept will help enable rehabilitation specialists to equalize strength and range of motion of an athlete through physical literacy outcomes. This will thus allow an athlete to return to play along the continuum from disability to full ability.

Make sure that you return to your sport physically literate, fully able, and ready to play!!

An interesting note from you team at Pure Lifestyle:

This weekend one of our Physiotherapists – Jean-François – will be going to Banff to present on this topic at the International Physical Literacy Conference!

Jean-François was also just awarded the Joan K. Edwards Award for early contribution to the physiotherapy profession. The award is presented by the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association to a physiotherapist who has demonstrated involvement and commitment to the profession. The Pure Lifestyle Team  and all of his clients couldn’t be any prouder of Jean-François for this impressive accomplishment! He is certainly an inspiration to us all, and motivates us to continually pursue opportunities to further our knowledge and involvement in our professions. Congratulations JF!


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