If your body could talk, what would it tell you?

Find out with our comprehensive DEXA total body composition scan.

What is a DEXA Scan?

DEXA technology is the gold standard in body composition measurement. It tracks changes in muscle mass and body fat through low dose X-ray technology, generating a detailed report for everyone.

It is considered one of the most accurate tests you could do to determine body fat and muscle distribution. Results can be used to track not only changes in weight but how much fat you are losing/gaining compared to your total muscle mass. It also provides readings of visceral fat which tells you how much fat you are carrying around your organs. This is a reliable indicator for increased risk of chronic disease.

With accurate information in hand, individualized training programs and eating plans can be developed, driving clients closer than ever to good health and wellbeing.

The PURE Lifestyle difference

The only place in Winnipeg that has the qualified team to action your results.

PURE’s expert team provides you with not only information, but a pathway to a healthier lifestyle!

Action is Power!

Our team of clinical exercise physiologists, dieticians, and doctors review your results and provide you with the best possible action plans on how to best improve your health and change your body for the better.

We will provide you with a clear picture of your body and what you need to do to improve your health, but what comes next is up to you. If you elect to work with our expert team, we will work to motivate you, educate you, and ensure you’re working towards your goals for a healthy life.

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In reviewing your results, we will: 

1. Figure out what you need to know to accomplish your goals,

2. Pay attention to the trends that help you achieve optimal health, 

3. Keep you motivated and remove roadblocks to success. 

Why get a DEXA Body Composition Scan?

A DEXA scan can take you beyond the frenzy of fads and allows us to take a deeper look at your health using technology considered the gold standard by research and science.

With a DEXA total body scan you will:

  • Get meaningful data to track body composition
  • Determine total fat mass and lean muscle mass
  • Determine relative health risk
  • Establish a baseline prior to a new exercise/nutrition program
  • Monitor visceral fat (fat around the organs)
  • Monitor muscle growth and body fat loss
  • Track progress and effectiveness of dieting and exercise
  • DEXA results are a powerful motivational tool

Your Investment

Premier Package


Health Advisor Consultation

For those:

  • overhauling lifestyle
  • looking to make significant change
  • seeking comprehensive professional advice
  • wanting to integrate health benefits accounts / services
  • overwhelmed with where to start
  • looking for collaboration on optimizing health
Learn More

Our team of kinesiologists will assess your current lifestyle, health status and review your DEXA results to create a comprehensive plan that will help you optimize your health and achieve your goals.

Action is power! We will provide you with the best possible action plans on how to best improve your health and change your body for the better.

75 minute appointment

Includes DEXA Report with the DEXA Fit app. Perfect for first-time clients.



Initial DEXA Scan

For those:

  • curious about body composition
  • have specific goals 
  • have specific plan for your goals 
  • concerned about health or performance 
  • recovering from an injury
  • establishing a healthy baseline
Learn More

30-minute appointment includes a brief explanation of your results, comprehensive DEXA Report and goal setting with the DEXA Fit app.

For all first-time clients.



Pure Member Price: $119

DEXA Follow Up

(within 6 months from
initial scan)

This option is best for those who have made changes to their workout routine or eating habits.

If your last DEXA scan was 3-6 months ago and you want to check-in on your progress this quick scan and report update is for you.

15-minute appointment and updated DEXA report with the DEXA Fit app.

Must be completed within 6 months of your initial DEXA scan.



Pure Member Price: $99

Annual Package

(Initial +3 Follow Ups)

You are ready to make a commitment to your health and want to ensure you are reaching your goals.

This cost effective package allows you to check in on your progress regularly.

1 – 30 minute appointment, followed by 3 – 15 minute appointments.

Brief explanation of your results, comprehensive DEXA Report and goal setting with the DEXA Fit app.

Follow up appointments must be completed within 12 months of your initial DEXA scan.



Pure Member Price: $354





Pure Member Price: $119



Pure Member Price: $99



Pure Member Price: $354

Review all of your data in one place

Introducing the DexaFit App

Our DEXA body compositions scans are collated into a user friendly app and report that translate your results in easy to understand health status. As body composition, and where your store fat are key indicators of long term health, your compositional report will stratify you into health risk categories making it easy to help set goals and provide necessary focus to lifestyle modifications.

Live a happier and healthier life without all the guessing.

This is the first step in taking control of your health. Our team of physicians, health care practitioners and Clinical Exercise Physiologist will work together with you to address health risks before they advance.

A DEXA scan focuses on YOUR body composition and YOUR specific body type. Through strategically timed or simply “periodic” testing, we can monitor what is working and what isn’t.


When should I arrive ?

Please arrive 10 min prior to your scheduled scan time to check in.

Where should I park?

You may park in front of the building in the parking lot, or along the street beside our facility free of charge (1129 Empress Street, Winnipeg, MB).

What do I wear to my scan?

Wear clothing that does not contain reflective material or metallic particles. This includes metal buttons or undergarments with metal wires. Sport shorts and/or sports bras with a wide elastic band are recommended. You should remove all metallic objects including zippers and large piercings. They will not cause harm if worn but can significantly impact your results.

Can I eat before a scan?

For the highest level of accuracy in your scan we recommend that you fast for a minimum of 8 hours prior to the scan. You may have a small black coffee or cup of water prior to the scan (up to 250ml an hour before your scan). It is important to note that any food or beverage consumed will be added to your body composition results by the machine.

Can I exercise before a scan?

For the highest level of accuracy in your scan we recommended that you Do NOT exercise for a minimum of 8 hours prior to assessment. Exercise involves large shifts in bodily fluids. Although exercise will have minimal impact on compositional scores, it could impact region specific measurements.

Dexafit App FAQ’s / Troubleshooting

I can't find my verification email after initial app download

Please check you spam or junk folder. If you use a corporate email address most security filters will re-route the verification code to a junk /quarantine folder.

Alternatively, use a personal email address (i.e. Gmail), these accounts don’t appear to filter the DEXAfit app emails.