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Jul 17, 2015

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced by the skin through the absorption of the suns UVB rays. In Winnipeg, from October to April, due to the sun’s distance from the earth, Vitamin D synthesis basically stops. During the summer months, sunscreen as low as SPF 8 slows Vitamin D synthesis by 95%, therefore greatly inhibiting our ability to utilize the vitamin and achieve the daily-recommended amount of 400-1000 IU/day. Please consult with your doctor because certain individuals that are deficient may require amounts higher than 2000IU/day.

Issues related to low or deficient Vitamin D  

– Increased risk of cardiovascular disease
– Correlated with cognitive impairment in older adults
– Correlated with increased blood sugar and insulin resistance
– Linked to a gain in visceral body fat
– May cause skin conditions
– As well, low vitamin D can be associated with low testosterone in men (Web MD, 2015)

Benefits of Vitamin D

– Promotes the absorption of Calcium leading to stronger bones
– Correlated with a reduced risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks.
– Is a potent inhibitor of cancer cell growth
– Supports immune function
– Lowers chances of rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain
– Aids in fat burning, muscle function and athletic performance (Web MD, 2015)

The Poliquin Product is called D3 Excellence 1000. We encourage you to read our post regarding magnesium next week!


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