A Great Opportunity for Mental Health Awareness

Jun 26, 2017

This past Friday, the clients, staff and management at Pure Lifestyle witnessed the impact a single person can have on others.

On June 23rd, Junel Malapad organized a 100km run on “garbage dump hill” to raise awareness for Mental Health. His goal of raising $4000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association was quickly met and doubled raising a total of $10,000 in which $6500 came from the generosity of the clients and management at Pure lifestyle.

This fitness and health industry often forgets about the mental component to an individual’s health. Too often we focus on physical characteristics such as looks, weight, or a person’s capacity for speed, number of push-ups, jump height or time to completion. We often forget to step away and shift focus on the health of the most important part of the human body, the mind.

The mind is stronger and more capable than any muscle in the human body. It can drag us down and ruin our lives; it can pick us up and help us achieving the unimaginable. It is something that affects us all. We all get happy or sad, scared or  courageous, but it is how we cope with these feelings that can be very different. At Pure, we work hard to create a facility where clients and staff support each other and an environment where the stigma of mental health does not exist.

I’m so proud of everyone who contributed both in donations as well as joining Junel on his run. It was such an inspirational day!

Blake Wood

President Pure Lifestyle

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