Kettlebell 101: Why KB’s are amazing!

Nov 24, 2013

If you have been in a private training facility anytime within the last 12 years you have probably seen a Kettlebell, and even if you haven’t seen one you have definitely heard about them. Odds are you may have even tried using one at some point. What you may not have realized is behind this simple tool lies a rich history with tried and tested methods to make you tougher and stronger than you can ever imagine! After all anything that is good enough for the Russians is good enough for us right? Right.

Kettlebells are the ultimate functional movement tool. They allow you to follow natural movement patterns that easily translate to daily activities or that of explosive athletes. In this first post I would like to highlight 4 key benefits of KB training and how they apply directly to you:

1) They develop your Glutes
People with lower back pain generally have very weak Glutes. Unless people are trained to load these muscles correctly they are doomed to continue poor movement patterns, such as lifting heavy things without the aid of the glutes and hips, which translates to minor and major back problems. (Vladimir Janda, MD)

2) They develop strong and flexible hip flexors
Hip flexors go through your pelvis and attach to the lumbar spine, and as such if they are to tight they prevent good gluteal contraction equalling weak glutes and bringing us back to point #1.


3) They develop endurance & strength in the back
Any KB movement requires the maintenance of a neutral tight back position. The repeated and continuous stabilization effort needed throughout these movements translate into great muscular endurance in the back. The best part is this result can be achieved with a minimal load unlike heavy deadlifts or back extensions which are not proven to reduce back problems (Stuart Mcgill)

4) They develop the core
Bracing, or stiffening the core (abs, obliques, pelvic floor, diaphragm, spinal stabilizers) allows you to to do varying KB movements with bigger loads maximizing back safety. It feels very similar to the action of preparing to take a punch to abs. This constant bracing of the midsection greatly increases it’s strength, stability & endurance.


Check in next week to hear more on specific KB exercises and their benefits, until then make sure you tell your trainer at Pure Lifestyle to incorporate KB’s into your next workout!!!

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