Facts about Flax Seed

Nov 7, 2013

The facts about flax

A Winnipeg scientist and his team have shown that the humble flax seed has the power to dramatically reduce high blood pressure – a development that could help cut the incidence of cardiovascular disease by as much as 50 per cent

Now, more than 10 years later, following a series of studies and clinical tests involving 110 people, Pierce believes flax is ready to step out from the shadows and claim its rightful place as one of nature’s true super foods. That’s because he and his team have recently completed a clinical trial demonstrating that flax, depending on how it is consumed, has the potential to significantly reduce blood pressure, thereby possibly decreasing the incidence of stroke by as much as 50 per cent and heart attack by about 30 per cent. The findings mean, in effect, that the tiny brown seeds derived from the pale blue flowering plant grown across Manitoba could be as powerful as any blood pressure medication on the market today.

This is a great article about a Winnipeg man Dr. Grant Pierce and his role in the research of Flax as a super food. http://www.wrha.mb.ca/wave/2013/01/facts-about-flax.php

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