Executive Medical Health Program

Traditional executive medicals are reactive and done once a year.  Our executive health program is the true definition of proactive healthcare.  We identify health risk and provide you with opportunities to make real, impactful change.

For workplace champions and high‑performers.

Our Executive Health Program is unlike any other program around. It’s all about putting theory into practice — so lessons are lived, not just learned. We not only define your current health status through a series of assessments, but we also provide you with the knowledge and tools to feel and perform your best when it matters most.

Did we mention this isn’t a one-and-done medical? We provide you with ongoing care and accountability for an entire year after your assessment.

Locally designed program with your time constraints in mind.


Based on your investment, our team will need 1-3 days to assess your current health status and provide you with the best solutions.


Does not include visit with physician

Health Advisor Consultation

DEXA Total Body Scan

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)



Functional Movement Evaluation

Comprehensive Reporting

Quarterly DEXA Follow-Up

Quarterly Health Advisor




Two Day Program

Everything included in STARTER

Physician Consultation

Bloodwork and Analysis

Extensive blood panel checks for:

  • Cholesterol levels
  • Liver, kidney, thyroid function 
  • Cancer screening
  • Prostate screening
  • Diabetes
  • And much more




    Three Day Program

    Everything included in STARTER

    Physician Consultation x2
    (Every 6 months for 1 yr)

    Bloodwork and Analysis x2
    (Every 6 months for 1 yr)

    Initial Consult with Performance Psychologist

    Performance Psychology

    DNA Based Dietetics Consult



    Sport Science VO2 High Performance Testing, Nutrigenomix* (*for Starter and Catalyst)

    Many services may be covered by your insurance plan.

    **Additional cost

    Health Assessments


    We use the same diagnostic tools used in hospitals to precisely measure body composition such as lean mass, fat mass and bone density.

    This technology provides the most accurate information about your body and your health.  The data we gather has a direct impact on your health score and should not be predicted but rather measured only using our medical grade DEXA scan. 



    The RMR test quantifies the amount of energy your body needs at rest, by analyzing your breathing during 15 mins of quiet relaxation.

    The energy used is expressed as the number of calories your body burns at rest, giving you the data to plan successful weight gain, weight maintenance, or weight loss strategies.

    Considering that approximately 60-70% of your daily energy needs are dictated by your RMR, understanding your true energy demands is important to optimize health.

    When this information is used appropriately, a positive energy balance can facilitate gains in lean mass when paired with exercise stimuli. However, excessive positive energy balance can cause weight-related health issues such as obesity and metabolic syndrome.

    Inversely, a negative energy balance may facilitate fat loss, but if not appropriately executed may also result in several nutrient deficiencies, fatigue, disordered body image and muscle mass loss.

    Having an RMR test done at Pure through direct gas analysis (the gold standard) ensures that your important fuelling decisions are individualized, and not based on inaccurate predictive equations used in so many mainstream apps and facilities.

    Furthermore, we provide you with expert care and safe professional guidance on the next steps should you choose to pursue energy intake changes for desired outcomes.


    Using technology traditionally only used on professional and Olympic athletes, Pure goes significantly further in providing our clients with a movement screen that identifies pattern, capacity and skill problems. 

    Our movement screen was established using a collaborative approach with input from many disciplines allowing us to analyze the data to understand its clinical significance.

    Gone are the days of guessing. By precisely measuring these movement characteristics, we are able to make targeted programming/referral decisions with the goal of optimal movement. 


    The spirometry test measures lung function. Performance of a maximal inhalation (breath-in) and exhalation (breath-out) through a spirometer apparatus provides valuable data on how the lung moves air in and out of your body. The values of this test can be analyzed to identify pre-existing lung conditions or provide baseline lung function values for long-term surveillance.

    Lung function can be affected by many environmental factors such as exposure to pollutants, allergens, viruses (like COVID-19), or dust. Alternatively, lung function may be compromised by several disease states such as Asthma, COPD, or Obesity.

    Determining your lung function allows our professionals to guide you on strategies to keep your lungs safe and optimally functioning throughout your life.


    One of the greatest predictors of overall health and longevity.

    The most important marker of risk, yielded by a cardiac exercise test is the measure of functional capacity. Ideally, functional capacity should be measured via direct measurement of oxygen consumption. VO2 max, or aerobic capacity, is known as your cardiopulmonary capacity. It’s a measurement of the maximum oxygen your body can consume during an incremental exercise test. In asymptomatic individuals, this test is the criterion measure for cardiopulmonary capacity.

    We test your VO2 Max using a treadmill-based exercise test that provides an enhanced assessment of your cardiorespiratory function and your fitness level.


    Learn how genes impact weight loss & body composition, nutrient metabolism, heart health, performance, fertility, food intolerances, and eating habits.

    Evidence shows that one-size-fits-all nutrition recommendations are inefficient and often ineffective. Research showed that DNA-based nutrition recommendations result in greater dietary improvements than general advice.

    The tests include a great amount of information on the metabolism of vitamins, minerals, and specific nutrients that help you make small changes in your everyday meals that make a lot of difference in optimizing your health.


    What makes Nutrigenomix different when it comes to genetic testing for personalized nutrition?

    ✔️Scientific Leadership: with a team of world-renowned researchers, Nutrigenomix sets the foundation of evidence-based, established, and robust scientific research.

    ✔️Research: we are the only genetic testing company that funds and conducts original nutrition & genetics research at universities around the world, with the only genetic test validated by randomized controlled trials on personalized nutrition.

    ✔️ Targeted, Action-Oriented Genetic Markers: we focus on actionable nutrition and lifestyle information based on scientific evidence.

    ✔️ Customization: we provide our network of health professionals with a variety of options including reports in 10 languages, co-branding, and white labeling options.

    ✔️ Privacy and Security: we ensure the anonymity of all samples and use the most stringent standards for secure data transfer, privacy and security.

    ✔️ Laboratory Standards: we have a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory with stringent quality control standards to ensure accurate results.

    *Additional cost for Starter and Catalyst, included in Game Changer.


    A treadmill or cycle-based test that anchors your unique physiology to very specific performance and training metrics.

    ** Additional cost should you opt into sports science testing stream.

    Health Advisor Icon

    At the Core of your Executive Health is your Health Advisor

    All Pure Lifestyle Health Advisors are Clinical Exercise Physiologists. They have the knowledge and ability to perform assessments on healthy and diseased populations and triage any health related concerns using the entire range of Pure’s complete service offering.

    Your Health Advisor will act as your personal guide, leading you through a series of health assessments in order to create a truly personalized health plan.

    Catalyst Package


    Our preventative health physicians will take you through a detailed medical history and evaluation.

    They will review your full panel of bloodwork, complete a head-to-toe physical, target any potential health concerns, and formulate a plan to reduce or eliminate any risk factors.

    At the end of your evaluation, our physicians will pass the baton to one of our professional Health Advisors, who will discuss the next steps and how to integrate your results with our other health assessments.


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    Game Changer Package


    Physical health and brain health are intimately intertwined and play a major role in influencing our stress and overall wellbeing.

    Pure’s Game Changer program incorporates immersive psychology coaching that challenges you to connect the body and get into a state of flow with your mind. You will work with our Performance Psychologist to manage the voice of uncertainty.

    These confidential sessions encompass a number of important health and lifestyle factors that contribute to overall life satisfaction and optimal functioning. Think of it as an exploration of your thoughts, attitudes and behaviours. Our Performance Psychologist will work with you to create and achieve meaningful goals, improve drive and creativity, and alter habits and behaviours for the better.

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    Our Process


    Prior to your first visit, we gather background information through a series of pre-assessment forms (and bloodwork analysis with the Catalyst and Game Changer options). This allows us to get to know you before we get to meet you!

    You’re about to do a deep dive into the current state of your health, and we take that very seriously. No need to be anxious. We have your back, and we’re on your team.


    What makes Pure’s Executive Health program unique is how we are able to collaborate. Working together under one roof, we are never more than a few steps away from one another. This structure allows our team to interact continuously and in a timely manner to share expert advice and support. Utilizing a team approach means the best possible care is provided to every one of our clients.


    It’s go time! Each interaction with our team of specialists will include a thorough analysis of where your health is at, and what actions can be taken to make improvements.

    The Journey Starts Now

    You’ve completed the first hurdle and are now armed with meaningful information about how your mind and body work. Over the course of the next 12 months, we will work together to take action and guide you toward your optimum wellness.

    Ongoing Care and Accountablilty

    A key to long-term success in our program is maintaining an
    ongoing relationship with your healthcare providers over the
    course of the program. Ongoing two-way communication ensures you stay on track with the plan and new goals or modifications can be made along the way.

    Our goal is to support you and keep you on track for the entire year and beyond!

    Our Executive Health Team

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