Occupational Healthcare

Collaborative treatment and proactive protection for your organization’s most valuable asset – your workers.

Helping customers reduce absenteeism and disability costs

We provide work-focused care to ensure a safe and effective return to work managed by our occupational health physician with the help of our paramedical team. We understand that early and safe return to work benefits recovery and saves employers money. Our ultimate goal is to help your employees through an injury or illness, while avoiding unnecessary time loss and increased claim costs.

Pure Lifestyle offers a full range of occupational healthcare services and collaborative medical management in a single location

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Physician Management

Our occupational medicine physician acts like the quarterback to all ill and injured workers in your corporation ensuring a safe and effective return to work for all employees.

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Functional Capacity Evaluation

When you need more in-depth understanding of your employee’s job demands, connect with us to assess essential functions and tasks of their job without risk of re-injury.

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Physiotherapy Management

Our experienced physiotherapists collaborate care with our managing occupational physician to deliver comprehensive care to your injured workers.

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Mental health affects even the best of us. Staff can often be overwhelmed with work and even need time off due to improper coping mechanisms. Let us help your team be focused.

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Return to Work Program

With over 12 years of experience in delivering care to work-related and accident-related intensive return to work programming, our team will get your employees back to work safely (with more energy and motivation).

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Cardiac Stress Testing

Returning from surgery or following a longer injury-leave can take a toll on your employee’s work condition. Ensuring that their heart is ready to work can be an important addition to ensuring a safe return to work.

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Pre-Employment Screening

Getting a baseline of your prospective employees helps your company deal with potential future injuries by knowing any pre-existing health details and understanding their current work tolerance, capacity, and possible risks with the job demands at hand.

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Occupational Therapy

These services can make a big difference in helping your staff to stay at work while optimizing ergonomic assessments, mental health interventions, and understanding disability accommodation. We can also help your company do thorough job task assessments with a Job Demands Analysis or a Percentage of Duties.