Don’t be

Oct 31, 2013

When I got to Pure today I was feeling pretty tired – still sore from Tuesday’s session, which was right on the heels of both a vigorous massage and a long swim on Monday evening and biking to work on Wednesday, not to mention wanting about 2 hours more sleep last night. Kind of like last week when I was doing my warm up before the session and Blake asked me how I was, and I said I was tired. “Don’t be,” was all he said, and even as my indignancy sparked for his not taking pity on me I knew exactly what he meant. Feeling tired is one thing but letting it control me and determining how I’m going to be is another. 

So both today and last week I set the fatigue aside and focused on finishing the warm-up and getting into the exercises. Sure enough, it took only a few minutes both days for me to be rolling right along enjoying the workout, with the notion of fatigue gone.

I’ve done this before too – set aside the fatigue, that is. Sometimes before races or training runs, or even non-exercise activities like going to work or grocery shopping, I’ll think to myself, I’m beat, this is going to be tough, I don’t want to do this. But I’ve learned just to get started and let my body work its way into its rhythm. It’s not that I’m trying to deny that I’m tired, because that doesn’t work for me. Instead I acknowledge and accept the fatigue, give myself permission to be tired later, and move it out of my focus. There’s always time to be tired later, why would I want to be like that now? Heck there’s just too many great things to be a part of rather than let a sense of fatigue cause me to miss out on the enjoyment of the moment. And that’s what Pure John is all about – enjoying the moment.


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