Covid-19 Prevention

To help prevent the spread of Covid-19, our clinic offers vaccinations, medical consultations and innovations to fight viral pathogens.


Our clinic is currenlty awaiting further vaccine allocation.

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Innovation (Steriwave)

Broad Spectrum antimicrobial technology to reduce infections in minutes.

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Dr. Richard Rusk

Fighting back against COVID-19

Expert Consultation for Corporations

These are rapidly changing, uncertain times. Dr. Richard Rusk is a Preventative Medicine and Public Health Physician. Since the start of the pandemic Dr. Rusk has been helping corporations navigate the evolution of scientific evidence surrounding COVID-19. His expertise allows  organizations to create and execute operations strategies that allow corporations to continue to thrive during the pandemic.


Common services include but are not limited to:

  • worker/ staff education related to the emerging science of COVID-19
  • implementing office based safety strategies and contact tracing for safety
  • effectively deploying a monitoring program using COVID-19 testing
  • interpreting public health order and restrictions