Employee Wellness

Physician-led healthcare services for corporations and their employees.

Comprehensive. Preventative. Convenient.

Pure Lifestyle provides access to collaborative healthcare using a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Pure Lifestyle has developed a unique approach with the use of a physician-led allied healthcare team. From medicine and therapy to fitness nutrition and mindset, we are with you and your employees every step of the way.

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Physician / Virtual Physician

Virtual as well as physical physician access allows employees to receive care for: Family medicine, Immunizations, Sports Medicine & Musculoskeletal Injuries, Preventative & Occupational Medicine, Exercise & Obesity Medicine, Cardiac Stress Testing and Addiction Medicine.

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Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Considered the Health Advisor of the program, the clinical exercise physiologist helps each client navigate through the use of our services so that they may experience the very best when it comes to collaborative healthcare. Their expert knowledge of exercise and health transcends past just the gym, as they guide you every step of the way to a healthier you.  

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Pure makes sure your care doesn’t stop the moment you leave your appointment. Built into the framework of our therapists is collaboration and education. Allow us to manage your care and help guide you to a pain free, more productive you.  

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Massage Therapist

Under the care of a Massage Therapist from Pure, you can find comfort in the fact that treatments are administered by professionals who have the ability to work in a multi-disciplinary health care setting and understand the true meaning behind collaborative care. 

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In collaboration with both a physician and a pharmacist, a dietitian can make an impactful change. Offering both physical and virtual appointments, the dietitians at Pure are ready to help you make a change that lasts.

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Clinical Psychologist

A psychologist has many uses, and at Pure we believe in the power of performance coaching. Make time for yourself to explore this concept, allowing not only your mind to grow, but your engagement with other services at Pure to flourish with it. 

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Sport Science

Be ready to take your fitness to another level with high-performance coaching to satisfy your most extravagant goals from Manitoba’s best exercise scientist.

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Allowing a pharmacist to provide medication reviews and collaborate with the rest of the team ensures your employees are not only receiving the appropriate medications but are working proactively to reduce unnecessary medication expenses.

Dr. Richard Rusk

Clinical Physician

Dr. Richard Rusk

Clinical Physician

Dr. Rusk started his training in South Africa as a veterinarian at the University of Pretoria.  After graduation, he came to rural Canada for an adventure and has been here ever since.  He lived in rural Alberta and Manitoba for 8 years practicing as a cattle veterinarian before moving to Winnipeg to do his medical degree.

Dr. Rusk trained in Preventative and Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba for medical school and residency.  He completed the Public Health and Preventative Medicine residency, with a focus on primary and secondary prevention of infectious and chronic diseases.

Dr Rusk has worked in Concordia Emergency Department, community family practice and with the Ministry of Health focusing on developing preventative programs and addressing the emergence of infectious diseases.  He has also been instrumental in advancing the One Wellness framework and concept that focuses on the wellness of humans and animals and takes into consideration the health of the environment.

He is very passionate about his career which he demonstrates by sharing his knowledge and expertise by teaching medical students and residents on the benefits of focusing upstream with prevention before disease. He too believes in a multidisciplinary approach and collaborates with physiotherapists, athletic therapists, kinesiologists and teaches continuing education courses in Manitoba and Canada.

Dr. Rusk strives to provide and expand Preventative Medicine in Manitoba. He believes that patients can prevent many conditions through careful consideration to their nutritional and mental diet, through participating in physical and social activities, and thus preventing disease and promoting wellbeing. Through the multi-disciplinary team of Pure Wellness, we have a unique opportunity to improve each and everyone that participates in care from this team.

In his spare time, he has competed for Canada in the Age Group World Triathlon championships, has bicycled to Everest base camp and has run the Hypothermic Half Marathon as only a true Manitoban could.


Community and Family Preventative Medicine Physician
Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc)
Medical Doctor (MD)
Certificant of the College of Family Physicians (CCFP)
Diploma of American Board of Preventative Medicine (Dip ABPM)
Masters of Public Health (MPH)

Helping businesses get back to work safely during COVID-19

Our world is changing fast and many businesses need to change with it. Dr. Richard Rusk is a Preventative Medicine and Public Health Physician that can help you ensure your corporation maximizes its operation during a time of new government policies.

Dr. Ian Burron

Dr. Ian Burron

Occupational Health Physician
Dr. Ian Burron

Dr. Ian Burron

Occupational Health Physician
Dr. Burron holds a Doctor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (physiotherapy), both from the University of Manitoba. Dr. Burron is certified in both Family and Emergency Medicine through the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CCFP).   Dr. Burron’s areas of practice interest include emergency medicine, musculoskeletal and rehabilitation medicine, occupational and insurance medicine and, obesity and exercise medicine.

Occupational and insurance medicine, musculoskeletal /rehabilitation medicine

In addition to training and previously practicing as a physiotherapist, Dr. Burron completed Occupational Medicine training through the University of Alberta (Foundation Course Occupational Medicine Part A and B) and completed the examination for Associate status with the Canadian Board of Occupational Medicine (ACBOM). Dr. Burron is a Certified Independent Medical Examiner (CIME) through the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME). Dr. Burron is a medical consultant for the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba and has provided Non-Treating (independent) medical exams and overseen rehabilitation programing for Manitoba Public Insurance, Manitoba Teachers Society, Health Employee Benefits Branch. Dr. Burron has provided consultation to Industry on Occupational health and workplace injury prevention and management.

Exercise and Obesity medicine

Dr. Burron strongly believes in the importance of lifestyle modification and exercise for the prevention and treatment of all medical conditions. He is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine through the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Dr. Burron performs and interprets Cardiac stress testing and electrocardiograms (EKG) for diagnosis of cardiovascular conditions, exercise assessment and prescription.

Emergency medicine

Dr. Burron is a practicing emergency physician at Selkirk Regional Health Center and was the Director of Emergency Medicine at Selkirk Regional Health Center from 2015-2020. Dr. Burron sits on the Manitoba Emergency Medicine Specialty Privileges Committee.

Helping corporations manage their workforce with occupational health needs

Dr. Burron is an Associate Canadian Board of Occupational Medicine Physician. Dr. Burron can lead the care and management of your ill and injured workers so that they can return to work safely, with confidence.