Are You Tough Enough??

Oct 12, 2013

Having run in the mudder at grand beach this last summer, Pure along with the interest of some of the clients wanted to tackle something bigger. This next one is A LOT bigger. A half marathon 25 obstacle course.


You need your teammates to finish this course plain and simple, so Pure is putting together one killer squad to send down to Minneapolis next July to represent Winnipeg, and CANADA and show some of the Americans how it’s done. We have over 250 days to get ourselves race ready, but don’t be to worried once you check it out you will see this is way more fun than just a regular race!!

Racer’s confirmed to date (Listing your names so you can officially be shamed if you choose to back out!!): Nate Toews, Paul Bisonette, Tim Thiessen, Steve Moerman, Carey Lai, Terry Shaw, Colin Langedock, Darrin Hale, Kris Santamario, Vikki Plett, Robin Woodward, Kim Fyles, Luc Chaput, Jenn Lehfellner, Kris Lehfellner, Cheryl Adam

Race details (such as obstacles) can be found here:

We plan on racing together and perhaps planning a night out on the Saturday (July 19) , but there is no itinerary for the weekend except the race, so feel free to bring your family out to watch and make it a shopping/ vacay weekend whatever you like!

If you want to sign up or have questions, email and I will send you the details. Happy thanksgiving, don’t forget what the weekend is about and enjoy your time with the family, the road begins anew on tuesday!!



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