Hockey Program

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At Pure we understand that hockey is a complex and physical sport that requires the combination of  strength, power, speed, and agility. This physiologically demanding game requires players to make quick directional changes while accelerating to maximum speed, produce enormous amount of rotational power, and have the stamina to grind it out for three periods. These are the reasons why proper training and programming are essential for hockey players in order for them to be able to keep playing at peak performance during the extent of their long season.

Our highly certified strength trainers have grown up playing hockey and studied human performance throughout their university education, giving them an understanding of the specific biomechanics and physiological demands of the sport. By combining our educational background with our practical sport experience, Pure’s trainers have the ability to help all hockey athletes improve their skills and take their game to the next level.

Pure has created an integrated periodized training system that incorporates the following components:

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  • Initial assessment to collect the player’s history and outcome goals
  • Initial Functional Movement Screen for body movement assessment
  • Initial strength and endurance testing to establish the player’s baseline levels
  • Subsequent testing and functional assessments throughout program to ensure progress

[fusion_toggle title=”Performance Training” open=”no”]

  • Strength and power development with our top of the line Keiser air pneumatic machines and olympic lifting equipment
  • Speed and agility work with our Woodway Treadmill capable of going up to 18 mph
  • Indoor turf allowing for use of sleds, agility cones and ladders rain or shine.
  • Anaerobic and Aerobic training
  • Exercise education through proper lifting technique instruction

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  • In house physiotherapy and massage therapy
  • Active recovery through mobility and flexibility drills for body maintenance
  • Use of recovery tools such as foam rollers, trigger point balls, and compression boots

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Sport Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselling” open=”no”]

  • Precision Nutrition certified nutritional education for optimal performance
  • Supplement and nutrient timing education
  • Recovery strategies through lifestyle changes
  • Sport specific supplements available at front desk


By combining all these aspects into one training system, Pure has developed a well-rounded periodized program that is second to none.  Each of the components described above are essential and necessary for optimal performance. The program has been organized in a way that allows players to peak just in time for training camps.

Off Season Program Overview
[fusion_accordion divider_line=”” class=”” id=””][fusion_toggle title=”Phase 1: Corrective and Functional Exercise (May; weeks 1-2)” open=”no”]

  • Focus on correcting any bodily imbalances or asymmetries found during the initial assessment
  • Treating any injuries and mobility restrictions caused by the long season
  • Teaching proper movement patterns and exercise technique

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Phase 2: Strength and Power( May-June)” open=”no”]

  • Developing a strong foundation with primary and compound lifts
  • Focus on muscle hypertrophy and strength development
  • High volume training means matching nutritional requirements for increased workloads and recovery

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Phase 3: Power, Speed, and Agility (June – July)” open=”no”]

  • Focus on transitioning the strength built in Phase 2 into explosive power through olympic lifting and dynamic movements
  • Speed development by introducing sprint specific exercises and hill training
  • Incorporating reaction and coordination drills within training
  • Anaerobic training

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Phase 4: Energy System Development (August)” open=”no”]

  • Focus is on developing both anaerobic and aerobic energy system to prepare players for the cardiovascular demands of training camp and the season
  • Continuation of power and strength maintenance
  • Continuation of speed and agility maintenance through sport specific drills


All training programs are individualized to meet each player’s goals and pre-training assessment needs. Each program will have a schedule outlining training and testing days for the entire summer for convenience and organization purposes. The cost of the program is $85 for the initial assessment (1-1) and $32.50 for each subsequent session (semi-private).

What separates us from the competition?
Unlike other training facilities, WE DO NOT REQUIRE A PRE-TRAINING LUMP SUM PAYMENT! We understand that summer is a busy time of year and that summer events may restrict an athlete’s ability to attend every single training session , which  is the reason we only charge for attended sessions. Therefore, you pay as you go without committing to a large sum of money and don’t end up paying for missed sessions. We are flexible with our training times which makes it easy to accommodate any athlete’s schedule.

In-season Program
We also offer an in-season program for teams and players wanting to maintain their fitness levels and prevent injury within the season. Our state of the art facility has the square footage to accommodate any hockey team for training sessions. Please contact us for more information about team training or in-season programming.

For more information on our hockey program, please contact Paul at