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Pure Lifestyle has been offering boot camps for many years, serving up to 15-20 people at a time. But there are many gyms offering fitness-style boot camps, so what sets us apart?

Our Facility: The 9500 ft2 was designed to serve our clients with all the amenities one would expect from a private gym. With free parking and towel service, to fully loaded showers and toiletries, we have got you covered from beginning to end.

The Workout: We incorporate many different styles of training to keep your workouts fresh and the tempo high. Workouts consist of a variety of exercises including body weight and free weight exercises, as well as agility drills. In addition, our more unique equipment such as artificial turf, the weighted sled, Woodway treadmill, and battle ropes, adds variety to the traditional boot camp. In the summer months we open up the back door and hit the Westview Park for some leg-blasting hill training. All sessions are designed for individuals to move at their own pace and challenge their own abilities.

Our Philosophy: Pure Lifestyle is committed to staying on the cutting edge of the industry. Through continuing education for the trainers and a state of the art exercise facility, we provide a superior training experience. Our strength trainers embody the full lifestyle that one would expect from our name and are eager to share their vast and unique knowledge of exercise, nutrition, and more.

These factors all come together to help us provide a truly exceptional and fun experience that keeps clients coming back for more.

Available Bootcamps:

For information on our current bootcamps please contact