Before graduating as a practicing therapist, JF knew that he had to make a difference in his future profession. With a strong passion for his career choice, as well as a true belief in what physiotherapy can bring to those in need, he has proudly integrated his philosophy into Pure Lifestyle. JF practices an ‘off-the-grid’ type of therapy that only uses heat, ice and acupuncture as modalities when deemed necessary. All the methods of intervention revolve around educating clients, hands-on skills, and tailored therapeutic exercise applications. Years later, Pure is now proudly continuing this style of therapy with the help of an amazing team that believes in its effectiveness.

“I love what I do and I am always extremely excited to share that knowledge with someone who cares about helping themselves. It is a privilege and one that I do not take lightly. I also make sure to practice what I preach, and lead by example for my clients.”

Jean-François’ clients will appreciate his incredible attention to detail, starting with a comprehensive assessment, which he believes is the basis of any effective treatment plan. He takes time to educate clients about their injury and treatment plan in order to help them move towards pain free function. Teamwork between the client and therapist throughout the entire process is key and allows for proper progression and recovery.


  • MClSc – Masters of Clinical Science (Manipulation)
  • BMR PT – Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation Physical Therapy
  • BSc – Bachelor of Sciences
  • CEP – Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • FCAMPT – Fellowship of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapists
  • Assistant in the advanced post-graduate orthopaedic level system
  • Guest lecturer for advanced exercise principles and application to U of M Masters program
  • Co-instructor in Running Performance course
  • Clinic offers student practicum and internships
  • Presenter at various local, national, and international physiotherapy or exercise conferences
  • Mentor for physiotherapists seeking to achieve advanced post-graduate orthopaedic standing
  • Awarded the Joan K. Edwards award in 2013 through the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association in recognition of his outstanding contribution within the first five years of his career in the physiotherapy profession.
  • Recognized as a Leader in Physiotherapy by the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association in 2015
  • Awarded the Susan A. McDonald award in 2017 through the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association recognizing physiotherapists in their mid-career who provide inspiration to colleagues by acting as role models for their profession.


  • Achieved the rank of second degree black belt in Karate
  • Completed several ultramarathons from 2016 to present ranging from 50km to 100 miles
  • Completed 2011 Leadville 100 mountain bike race
  • Accomplished climber/scrambler
  • Accomplished adventure racer
  • Hiking/Trail running/Canoeing
  • Successful business owner specializing in manual therapy, injury prevention and therapeutic exercise