Pure Physiotherapy is pleased to offer rehabilitation classes for people after their total knee replacements. Research has shown that exercise after total knee replacement surgery can decrease pain, increase range of motion, and increase function. At Pure we’re excited to be able to apply our advanced exercise principles to your recovery. You can expect a treatment plan that involves the most current research, and is focused on getting you back to doing all the things you love to do.

Initial Assessment

Every patient will receive a 1-on-1 initial assessment with a physiotherapist to evaluate your baseline findings, establish goals, and discuss the program expectations.


  • There will be classes offered 2x/week.  
  • They will be lead by a physiotherapist.
  • You can expect to attend for approximately 3 months, depending on your goals and progress.
  • You will be able to start the classes approximately 2-3 weeks after surgery.
  • The beginning of the program will be focused on increasing weight-bearing ability, normalizing gait pattern, stair negotiation, and activities of daily living (ADL) completion.
  • Future exercise progressions will be determined based on your individual needs and goals.
  • The sessions will be 1 hour long.

Home Program

All participants will receive a personalized home exercise program that will allow you to exercise on your own between sessions.


  • Initial assessment: $82
  • Knee Classes: $30/session

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