Pure Lifestyle is proud to be one of Winnipeg’s physiotherapy clinics with the privilege of working with our Canadian Armed Forces. Our expertise has lead to a great success in the treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions for our military men and women.

Returning to work can be a challenge when you are faced with an injury. This can be an even bigger challenge when you have a physically demanding workplace with high activity demands throughout the week. For this reason, our military members need the best! We understand this and deliver top quality interventions to get our members back to work promptly and ready for the highest demands.

Although we treat members from all backgrounds in the Armed Forces, many of those who come to us are Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Technicians (“SAR” Techs). They put their lives on the line on a daily basis for Canadian citizens. They are the rescuers of last resort, called out into dangerous situations to provide on-scene medical aid and evacuation all across the country. Winnipeg is one of the five major SAR squadrons in Canada, and we at Pure are honoured to be able to help prepare them for the physical demands of their jobs.

Superior exercise equipment, a 6500 square foot facility, and extensive experience, allow us to advance our military clients from “symptom-free” to high performance! The aim for our patients is to graduate from our sessions with less pain, improved overall fitness, and a reduced chance of re-injury.