Therapeutic exercise is truly an art. Our therapists are artists in the field of physiotherapy. It is something we do with a strong passion, something we value to the highest degree.

We can really split exercise two ways; first we prescribe corrective mobility exercises for pain management, and second, we quickly begin to show you longer-term benefit exercises for improvement of muscular imbalances with an intent towards injury prevention. With a cutting edge facility filled with the best quality exercise equipment, it is no surprise that our physiotherapists excel with advanced exercise physiotherapy practice.

We are passionate to make a difference not only with your pain, but also in your lifestyle choices. We combine our skills of therapeutic exercise and proper education for a well-rounded treatment plan. We take advantage of our time with you and even go so far as to have an impact on your current lifestyle, something that might have an impact on your overall wellbeing. We believe in leading by example, and that is why exercise is a part of our everyday lives.