One tool that Pure physiotherapists use to speed up your recovery is acupuncture. Acupuncture is the insertion of extremely fine needles through the skin at specific points on the body to stimulate specific structures and promote healing. We use acupuncture to effectively control pain, reduce inflammation, provide regeneration, restore physical functions, and normalize the nervous system activities. Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, which results in pain relief, relaxation, and balance of the body’s energy, thus promoting general health and well-being.

We believe that acupuncture is especially beneficial when combined with other aspects of your physiotherapy program, such as manual and exercise therapy. We commonly use it to treat both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as joint sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, disc injuries, osteoarthritis, headaches, and many more. In addition, we make sure you have an appropriate exercise program to maintain all benefits gained!

We don’t charge any additional fees for acupuncture. If we feel you would benefit from it, we will discuss it with you and potentially include it as part of your treatment. If you have any questions or are wondering whether acupuncture would be an appropriate treatment option for you, feel free to ask us!