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Off-season Training for Optimal Basketball Performance

Why Off-Season Strength Training Can Improve Your In-Season Basketball Game We often hear about the gruelling practices, hours of drills and skill development, and the exciting games that showcase an athlete’s top performance. But what is the real secret that creates the most successful players (and teams) during the basketball season? The short and simple answer is: [...]

Canadian Armed Forces

Pure Lifestyle is proud to be one of Winnipeg’s physiotherapy clinics with the privilege of working with our Canadian Armed Forces. Our expertise has lead to a great success in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions for our military men and women. Returning to work can be a challenge when you are faced with an injury. [...]

Pure’s New Partnership: Enabling Access!

Pure Lifestyle is proud to share with you a new partnership with Enabling Access Inc! Thanks to this new partnership, we are now offering amazing Occupational Therapy services through our friends at Enabling Access. They have been committed to assisting workplaces throughout Manitoba with their injury prevention, wellness and disability management services since 2005. From [...]

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Poliquin Probiotics

Poliquin Probiotics Probiotics are living organisms that are good for our health and are often found in the digestive system. They are referred to as "good" bacteria when they are given in proper amounts and provide positive health benefits to the host. Probiotics are part of Poliquin's foundational five supplement stack because many individuals have gut [...]

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