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A Letter From The Owners

Letter from the Owners JF and Blake have never been more driven to provide a facility that truly embodies a holistic approach to fitness and health. Pure Lifestyle is much more than just a gym and physiotherapy clinic. It was built with the focus of creating an environment where personal development and professionalism can thrive. Our [...]

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Plant-based Eating

Plant-Based Eating Plant-based eating is gaining momentum with more and more people interested or already practicing. If implemented properly, a plant-based diet has the ability to provide the individual with great health benefits. Many individuals think of it as simply deleting meat or animal products from the diet, but one must replace the lacking nutrients [...]

Off-season Training for Optimal Basketball Performance

Why Off-Season Strength Training Can Improve Your In-Season Basketball Game We often hear about the gruelling practices, hours of drills and skill development, and the exciting games that showcase an athlete’s top performance. But what is the real secret that creates the most successful players (and teams) during the basketball season? The short and simple answer is: [...]

Squatting 101

Squatting 101 Squatting is a basic and foundational movement used in everyday life. Every time you get out of a chair, get into your car, or bend down to pick something up, you are doing a variation of a squat. Squatting is essential to physical literacy. Physical and Health Education Canada defines ‘physical literacy’ in [...]

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