9,500+ square feet of space dedicated to making you stronger. Our gym is outfitted with the latest training equipment, is uniquely located beside Winnipeg’s best spot for hill training, and doesn’t skimp on style and comfort where it counts.

State-of-the-Art Facility and Equipment

Woodway, VertiMax, Keiser and Versa Climber are just some of the amazing pieces of equipment we use to create the best personalized program for our clients. We are continually challenging ourselves to stay ahead of the trends.

Unique Location at Westview Park

Manitobans come from far and wide to train at Westview Park. But for us, it’s just across the street. Imagine beginning each workout session with your warm up on the Hill!

Change Rooms Stocked with Amenities

We pride ourselves on keeping our change areas clean and stocked with towels, toiletries, hair dryers, hair straighteners and more. The showers are great and there are plenty of hooks and hangers.

Welcome to Pure

From touring some of the top strength training facilities in the world to attending equipment trade shows on a regular basis, the management at Pure is on the cutting edge of facility design and equipment in Winnipeg.

If you’re looking for showers, we have them. If you’re looking for clean change rooms, we have them too. Pure prides itself in providing not only exceptional physiotherapy and strength training services, we have also left no stone unturned when it comes to providing clean change rooms with all the amenities including a complimentary towel service.

Come have a look for yourself!

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Our Facility

Want to see the floor plan before you come in? Click the image below to see the floor plan of our innovative facility.

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