January 2014

Eliminate Running Weaknesses and Maximize Performance

As we embark on a New Year, many of us have thoughtfully set goals for ourselves. Perhaps you are interested in a race this coming spring or summer, or even a half or full marathon? Proper training is vital to accomplishing your physical goals, and will also prevent injury along the way - ensure your [...]

Impressive !!!

It's amazing the things that can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. Don is a prime example that it is never to late to start your fitness journey or to set new goals in whatever endeavour you desire. The best part is he is from Winnipeg! http://globalnews.ca/news/1100056/104-year-old-trains-for-world-record-swim/

As we enter the new year!

MY 2014 NEW YEARS RESOLUTION IS.......? As we enter the new year, people start to develop plans and goals but most of them are unfortunately unrealistic and unachievable. Pure Lifestyle would like to help, especially when it comes to health and wellness. We are a company dedicated to health first, whether that be in the [...]

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