June 2013

St-Malo Triathlon TV coverage!!

Check this link for a French coverage of the event yesterday! For those of you who are non-French speaking - ask a friend to help you translate! It'll be worth it! Or just take in the energy from the few minutes of coverage! We are proud to say that this was a very successful event!! [...]

Record Registration at the St. Malo Triathlon

Many thanks need to be handed out to the sponsors, supporters and all the volunteers of the 2013 St. Malo Triathlon!! The race is not even here yet and we know that it will be one to remember. This is going to be the biggest triathlon ever put on in St. Malo and we are [...]

The Marathon is coming!!

Watch out for some potential injuries and try to listen to your body this weekend if it “talks” to you with pain/stiffness/cramps!  :) Following a recent article in the Sports Medicine Journal, they showed that these are the top three most common running-related musculoskeletal injuries: -       Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (aka: a form of Shin [...]

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