May 2013

New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries

I recently attended a weekend long course presented by Blaise Dubois, a physiotherapist from Quebec, who presents internationally to speak on the prevention and treatment of running injuries. Many thought provoking issues were discussed, including a large amount of information on minimalist shoes and barefoot running. Blaise is very pro-barefoot running, but makes sure to [...]

Beet Juice? The Endurance Booster!!

I have posted an article below from runners world that explains a bit more about the benefits of beet juice as well as how much is too much and what would be the optimal time to take it. If you are an endurance enthusiast, this would be an article for you to read. Any questions [...]

What’s your next Challenge??!

Summer time is here! And Pure Lifestyle would like to guide you in the direction of three fantastic events happening this summer. If you're up for a great time and a good challenge have a look at the links below!!!

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