Pure Lifestyle brings a unique approach to fitness and wellness to Winnipeg.
What we do in here is all designed to recalibrate the way you live out there.
You won’t just be coming to a gym, you’ll be changing your life.

PURE LIFESTYLE BRINGS A WHOLE NEW APPROACH TO FITNESS AND WELLNESS IN WINNIPEG. Pure Lifestyle is not a typical strength training / Physiotherapy facility. We work as a team to instill lifelong habits in each client that keeps them on the road of health and wellness. Our team of Physiotherapists and Strength Trainers continually work to make sure Pure remains the standard in the field when it comes to education. The proof is in the service we deliver. Whether you are looking for physiotherapy, weight loss / lifestyle counselling or performance training we have the experienced highly qualified staff to meet your needs.

Pure Lifestyle brings unmatched education and experience when it comes to strength training services in Winnipeg. We believe that true fitness is a lifestyle and not a quick fix. We do not sell a program –we instill health, wellness and performance into each of our clients, and motivate them to better themselves through a holistic lifelong approach. Our commitment to our clients is keeping them committed to their health.

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When I badly broke my arm in a bike crash at the peak of my race season, I was devastated. The combined efforts of the Pure physio and training team were critical in my recovery, both mentally and physically. Having both services under the same roof meant a seamless and comprehensive program dedicated to getting me back on the bike, faster and stronger than ever. I can’t say enough about the people at Pure – they are extraordinary.
Andrea Tetrault (a.k.a. Winnipeg CycleChick)
The team at Pure Lifestyle understands what endurance athletes need; they live it in their everyday lives and it’s apparent when working with them. Dedicated and energetic, they bring together many aspects of performance that are often overlooked, but which are also often the little things that make a difference in the end. They’re super friendly, and bilingual too!
Sarah-Anne Brault
Blake and his assistant Paul have been training my brother and I for several years. The results have been amazing and it has allowed me to enjoy the sports I love to do at a much higher level. I would recommend that everyone who is thinking about getting in shape to visit the gym and see for themselves. It is a place that will only improve the quality of your life.
Brian Theissen
I used to not look forward to Monday mornings, but with the cheery greetings you get by the folks at Pure Lifestyle, I look forward to Mondays and the other days that I train there. Their professionalism, knowledge, and encouragement makes me not want to miss a day. The thing that makes training there fantastic and refreshing is the creativity of Blake and staff and how they keep dreaming up new exercises. I feel I am fitter than I have ever been. Awesome team at Pure Lifestyle!
Ben Van Den Bosch
On the recommendation of three friends, I came to see the staff at Pure Lifestyle because of a debilitating flare up of a long-term back problem. They employed an aggressive treatment plan and had me working out on my second visit. I have a physical job and am a recreational athlete and they tailored treatment to get me back to doing both. Four weeks after being unable to stand upright due to acute back pain, I was able to return to competitive cycling.
Brad Enns

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